Creating Alternative Ecosystems

Village by Village,
One Village at a time!

Our Mission

Tathaagat foundation has been formed on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We continuously thrive through our core value of a sustainable society through responsible and ethical manner. We create a bridge towards the individual/corporate/government and the core beneficiaries of our communities through knowledge sharing, Upgrading through training, thus elevating economic life through sustainable livelihood development.

Our Vision

Tathaagat Foundation envisions a society in which production and consumption are based on environmental and social sustainability-regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, ability, nationality, or income.

What we do

TF focuses on high-quality, low-cost and replicable interventions to address gaps in extension of Govt Schemes and benefits of CSR Grants, Aids, Benefits to rural India in particular and environment in general. Top priority is Livelihood generation, skilling and empowerment. Working directly with rural folks and youth as well as through large-scale collaborations with government systems. TF in consortium with other NGOs and Industry leaders aims to impact lives of have-nots in most beneficial manner. Through gap finding and intervention TF is addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2030 and beyond.

What do we Solve

Lack of work job / earning opportunities in rural clusters : Difficult farming environment – small land holdings with distributed terrace farms.

Monkey Menace for fruit and vegetable farmers: Micro-marginalised farmers with very low volume of tradeable commodities.

Warmer Climate change making it less reliable to practice farming: People are migrating out to lower land and cities for work.

Most people are unskilled with lower levels of basic education

The Key Focus Areas

Climate and Ecological Change intervention

The most predominant concern that India is facing is the impact of ongoing climate change, rapid urbanization and deforestation of loss of vegetation, resulting through rising population, industrial expansion, carbon emission and uses of non-biodegrable materials in our daily life.

Generation of Livelihood through Tourism

Sustainable Tourism is gaining attention and becoming a tool of addressing the economic gap between existing rural economy and intervention and enhancement of the economy in contributing to the per capita growth of rural economy. On social front sustainable rural tourism will largely help in conservation of nature and creating a long term harmony between human and nature, fostering co-existence and minimize conflict. This on the other hand will help in reducing in migration and help in reverse migration. TF with its consortium partners will address in understating, helping and supporting in growth and development of sustainable tourism through rural intervention.

Livelihood Generation through Farm products and management

Supporting SHG in rural and semi-urban level and educating them through knowledge sharing and training about ethical farm practice, farm product produce manufacturing, preservation and packaging and many more, to economically empower female communities, thus contributing to the holistic economic growth and reducing the economic imbalance in the rural and semi-urban communities.

Waste Management and Recycle and Upcycle of Waste products

Creating awareness about Waste to various stakeholders and engaging them with collaboration of various organization for eco friendly waste management program. TF will engage female and male economically marginalized community in identifying, collection, segregation and transformation of various wastes products to various eco-friendly products through re-cycle or upcycling process, through training and further market linkage.

Other Areas of our focus

Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

A pan India Central Sector Scheme providing debt financing facility for investment in Agri infrastructure

Credit facility for farmers

Provides information related to institutional credit available for farmers.

Crop insurance schemes

Scheme to safeguard farmers from financial loss occurring due to non-preventable natural risks.

Interest subvention for dairy sector

Interest subvention on Working Capital Loans for Dairy sector due to lockdown

KCC for animal husbandry and fisheries

Provides information about Kisan Credit Card for animal husbandry and fisheries farmers.

National Mission on Edible Oils

A new Centrally Sponsored Scheme with a focus on increasing area and productivity of oilseeds and Oil Palm.

Why Support Us

Through interventions in community based tourism and farm produce and market linkage culture since last 10years with Sustainable Market Linkage partnership and creating a culture of ethical practice in the Northern Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. TF has evolved into a prominent platform for socio-economic bridge between supporters of Socio-Economic Development in the grassroots and the core beneficiaries at the local level. 

TF has leveraged its expertise in the developmental space has moved beyond its space to forge association of like minded organization in various states of India to work on the areas of rural upliftment and economic development through TF’s core strength areas.