About Us

Tathaagat Foundation is an offshoot of Bakri Chaap, which started a movement in Garhwal part of Himalayas, to engaged the local community with an idea of becoming a pioneering force in rural development, with a motto of  “Creating an Alternate Ecosystem – Village by Village, One Village at a time!” thus focusing on uplifting marginalized communities in the region. This pioneering initiative gradually became the most successful reverse migration model of India.  

Bakri Chaap, through its non-profit arm Tathaagat brought back the lost traditional farm practices through community engagement initiatives, which highly encouraged ethical and sustainable farm practices. This is gradually transforming the farm practices of Garhwal region.

 The concept of traditional way of living , through a eco- sustainable house using locally sourced material is gaining popularity across the most vulnerable and fragile Himalayan region is another well conceptualized by Bakri Chaap.

 Tathaagat Foundation implements replicable interventions to enhance livelihoods, skill development, Climate Campaigns and ecological sustainability. Through collaborative initiatives with various agencies, organisations and individuals.

Tathaagat Foundation envisions a society in which production and consumption are based on environmental and social sustainability-regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, ability, nationality, or income.

Our team

Mr Roopesh Rai


Dr Col Narendra Kumar


Mr Amit Sharma

Vice President

Mr Shantanu Ghosh

General Secretary

Ms. Ridhima Mahajan


Mr Ankur Rastogi


Executive Members

Mrs Toolika Pankaj

Financial Consultant

Mr. Deepak Dubey

Chief of Staff

Mr Shubham Tewari

Head of Operations

Mr Amrit Bir Singh


Founder’s Message

Since inception, we at the Tathaagat Foundation (TF) worked hard to push through plans, schemes and programs for rural development in Uttarakhand, UP and MP states. Funds generated and received from Patrons and benefactors were put to good use in Tehri and Uttarkashi Districts where we could help the needy and educating the youth in particular and rural belts of 8 states in general through our CBCC (Change Before Climate Change) initiatives. We helped create self-help-groups and Cooperatives to gain Grants, Aid and CSR for establishing cottage industry, Livelihood generation alternatives and Circular economy for Marginal Farmers and small business owners. Board Members worked hard to facilitate growth and enhance awareness of techniques to boost rural economy. We groomed Local Leaders and motivated small business mixers to hold hands to succeed as a community. Despite resource crunch, we managed to send Teams, Trainers and post Robust content, by way of articles, blogs, stories, seminars and webinars for Skill-Development.

Mr Roopesh K Rai

Tathaagat Foundation

Message of President

On behalf of the BoM we thank all our esteemed members for helping the Foundation emerge as the savior and premier resource for needy, small farmers, cottage industry, SHG businesses and entrepreneurs across the lowest rung of our society and take pride in our traditions, art, culture that is so rich with wherewithal, tools, techniques and information, as to thrive well and run all their outfits optimally enough to make even small business a success. Happy to state that nearly 140 entrepreneurs benefitted following our guidance and directions. No other NGO / single small business support organization can claim this level of outreach in such a small duration. Major ones are listed below :

Dr Col Narendra Kumar

Board of Management
Tathaagat Foundation